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Our mission is simple yet profound: to strengthen the bonds that unite the Jewish people.

Our sole agenda is to create a global platform where Jews of all ages, all backgrounds and all perspectives can join together in a welcoming and respectful environment to celebrate our shared values, explore our shared history and chart our shared future.



Our vision is a future in which:

  • All Jews and their families feel welcome, heard and valued as members of the Jewish people.

  • The sense of connection every Jew feels to the Jewish people transcends all geographical, ideological, political and other barriers to Jewish unity.

  • The bonds that unite all Jews are stronger than ever and the Jewish people feel enriched by our historical, religious and cultural differences.

  • All Jews have unrestricted access to the resources, events, mentors, and networks they need to help them strengthen their Jewish identities and pursue their Jewish journeys.

  • A safe and secure Israel is a source of pride and inspiration.

  • The Jewish community embraces its responsibility to engage in tikkun olam by safeguarding the environment and making the world a better place for all its inhabitants.

We understand the power of community and the need for meaningful connections, especially in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Together, let’s build a vibrant global community of Jews, where relationships are made, experiences are shared, and Jewish identity is celebrated.



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Sandy Cardin


Meet Sandy

Brina Chu

Senior Consultant

Meet Brina

Richard Levin

Chair of Executive Committee

Meet Richard

Andrew Exler

Staenberg Fellow / Marketing and Branding

Meet Andrew

Like any start-up grassroots organization, we are relying on the help of a fabulous group of people to establish ourselves and chart our best path forward.

In addition to the more than 225 leaders from all over the world on our advisory board, we are also in the process of recruiting a small, diverse and international executive committee of great renown. To date, those who have agreed to serve include the following:

Eliette Abécassis

French Writer and Philosopher

Meet Eliette

Menachem Bombach

President and CEO, Netzach Educational Network

Meet Menachem

Silvina Chemen

Senior Rabbi, Beth El Congregation

Meet Silvina

Marcos Metta Cohen

Vice-President, Maccabi World Union

Meet Marcos

Debbie Dadon AM

Chair, Besen Family Foundation

Meet Debbie

Maxyne Finkelstein

President, Morris and Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation

Meet Maxyne

Andrew Gilbert

Co-chair, London Jewish Forum

Meet Andrew

Noa Hermele

Director, Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden

Meet Noa

Oded Hermoni

Co-founder, J-Ventures Group

Meet Oded

Alex Lindholm

CEO & Co-founder, InspireXchange

Meet Alex

Erica Lyons

Founder and Director, PJ Library Hong Kong

Meet Erica

Sharon Nazarian

President, Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation

Meet Sharon

Eli Ovits

Founder, Altruists

Meet Eli

Mariano Schlimovich

Executive Director, European Council of Jewish Communities

Meet Mariano

Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom

Rabbi, Lecturer and Jewish Author

Meet Sharon

Raymond Simonson

Chief Executive Officer, JW3

Meet Raymond

Michael Staenberg

President, The Staenberg Group

Meet Michael

View full Advisory Board

At the helm of our extraordinary advisory board stand our visionary co-chairs. Their diverse backgrounds, collaborative spirit, and unwavering dedication inspire confidence among our board members and partners alike, ensuring that Global Jewry remains steadfast in the pursuit its mission in full accordance with our guiding principles and values.

Viv Anstey

Director, The Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute

Meet Viv

Laurie Blitzer


Meet Laurie

David Cygielman

Founder & CEO, Moishe House

Meet David

Rabbi Pini Dunner

Senior Rabbi, Beverly Hills Synagogue

Meet Pini

Stacy Aviva Flint

Jewish Educator, Bridgebuilder, and Philanthropist

Meet Stacey

Avi Mayer

Former Editor-in-Chief of The Jerusalem Post

Meet Avi

Alex Rif

Founder & CEO, One Million Lobby

Meet Alex

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Meet Fname

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Meet Fname

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Meet First

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Meet First
One of the key components of a successful collective are leaders who contribute their unique skills and perspectives to shape its trajectory. At Global Jewry, they are known as our GJ Chaverim (Hebrew for companions).
As architects of the virtual realm, they forge pathways for collaboration, sparking connections and fostering communities that transcend boundaries. Together, they embody the spirit of innovation and exploration, propelling the collective forward into new realms of possibility and discovery.
We are fortunate to have two wonderful people as our initial GJ Chaverim. If you are interested in becoming one of our Chaverim, please apply here.

Ashley Aboodi

Strategic Advisor and Storyteller

Meet Ashley

Nadav Ben-Chanoch


Meet Nadav



Please write us at if you have additional questions.

What is the problem Global Jewry is trying to address?

Global Jewry seeks to bridge internal divides within the Jewish people and external challenges from those who wish to do us harm.

History tells us that internecine disputes and factionalism of the Jewish people in 70 A.D. became so intense that they caused the destruction of the Second Temple and the start of the exile that did not end until the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. Much more recently, serious differences among the Jews of the world have arisen, and it is vital we do not let them escalate to the point of fracturing the unity of Jewish people once again.

Externally, ever since the barbarous attack by Hamas on October 7, 2023, the Jewish people are confronting antisemitism all over the world at a breadth and depth unseen since the Holocaust.

We will also address the emotional needs of Jewish individuals seeking a sense of belonging as well as an environment where they can engage with others looking for the same thing. We seek to dissolve feelings of uncertainty and division and we are committed to strategizing and implementing methods that transform concepts into tangible actions, providing both support and expertise.

The time to connect and unite with one another has never been more important.

Who is Affected by the problem Global Jewry is trying to address?

Global Jewry is focused on the Jewish people (individually and collectively), their families, and their loved ones.

When and where is the problem Global Jewry is trying to address?

Sadly, it is now, and it is everywhere. The recent surge in antisemitism is a worldwide phenomenon, as are attacks on the legitimacy of Israel’s very existence.

Internally, the huge demonstrations in Israel prior to the heinous and barbaric Hamas attack on October 7th were manifestations of deep schisms within Israeli society. Relations between many Israeli and Diaspora Jews have also been strained for years, politically and religiously; many Diaspora Jews are feeling less connected and even alienated by policies and events emanating from Israel, and many Israeli Jews have a limited, if any, understanding of Jewish life in the Diaspora.

Additionally, many younger Jews living in the Diaspora — and especially in the United States — are growing increasingly disconnected from Israel and lacking a sense of belonging to the Jewish people.

Why is the problem worth addressing?

There are 613 mitzvot in the Torah, and at least as many reasons to strengthen the bonds that keep the Jewish people connected. Some of us care about the Jewish future because we consider the Jewish people to be our extended family, and we want the same for all of us: good health, meaning, fulfillment, love, happiness, freedom, and more.

Some cherish the values, the religion, the traditions, the history, and the culture we share.

Still, more appreciate the contributions our people have made to the world in virtually every field – spiritual, philosophical, educational, scientific, and material — and want us to continue improving and repairing the world for millennia to come.

And some of us want to see the Jewish people flourish for all the above — and even more reasons too many to enumerate.

How will Global Jewry work towards resolving the problem it seeks to address?

All over the world, there are incredible Jewish communities, remarkable Jewish institutions, and outstanding Jewish leaders doing the hard work of engaging our people one valuable person at a time. The key to success for Global Jewry is finding a way to knit all that activity together to ensure the whole is greater than the sum of its impressive parts.

Here is how we plan to accomplish our goal:

Build a large and high-impact collective comprised of a wide range of Jewish organizations and initiatives augmented by a diverse and influential advisory board.

We currently have almost 200 partners and more than 600 advisors, both of which we will continue to grow and deepen. Together, they are a collective capable of achieving positive outcomes that transcend what each of them could achieve on their own.

Develop and maintain an attractive, user-friendly, and interactive website to promote the mission, membership, and activities of our collective.

Our website will serve a variety of purposes: (a) introduce visitors to the leaders and members of our collective; (b) provide a direct link to the websites of each of our partners; and (c) offer visitors the latest in news and opinions, as well as the dates and times of events taking place throughout the Jewish world. It will be a place where people can explore and discover all things Jewish with the help of our partners or on their own.

Communicate regularly and meaningfully with the members of our collective.

Through the strategic use of our website, email, WhatsApp groups, social media, and other means, we will keep our Advisors and Partners fully informed of our activities, facilitate the sharing of resources and exchanging of information within the group, and encourage them to participate in our programs whenever possible.

Promote the work of our partners.

We will help our partners broaden their reach and amplify their messages of Jewish unity and connection, individually and collectively. Rather than compete with any existing Jewish initiative, we will urge world Jewry to connect and take advantage of what already exists. We also plan to like and share postings of all our partners, and we hope many of them will help spread the word about Global Jewry by co-branding their events with us.

Facilitate collaborations and build capacity within our collective.

Many of our Partners have neither the time nor the ability to collaborate meaningfully with other groups, especially those based in other countries. We will host “communities of practice” and otherwise support those seeking to expand their reach by helping them work cooperatively and collaboratively with like-minded organizations, regardless of the geographic base of their activities, to address common challenges and achieve shared goals. We will also provide the training, research, and other resources necessary to strengthen the capabilities of every member of our collective.

Monitor and evaluate our collective.

We will monitor and evaluate our activities outcomes to determine whether we are achieving our intended goals. We ensure that our resources, including time and money, are being used effectively and efficiently.

What are the Guiding Principles and Values of Global Jewry?

We are humbled by the enormity of the responsibility we bear to all the individuals, organizations, and communities we seek to engage, and we will pursue our mission in accordance with the following guiding principles and values. The failure to abide by these values by any partner organization or member of our executive committee, advisory board or Chaverim will result in an immediate disaffiliation by us.

  1. We are committed to treating everyone with courtesy and respect, embracing and celebrating the diversity of the Jewish world, and elevating the voices of those previously unheard
  2. We are committed to working with Jewish organizations regardless of their ideological, religious, or political beliefs, as long as their purpose is to uplift and contribute positively to the global Jewish community. They must also be respectful of those who do not share their convictions, refrain from disparaging or acting inappropriately towards others, have a demonstrated commitment to partnering and collaborating with a wide range of Jewish organizations and seek to avoid polarizing the Jewish community.
  3. We are committed to operating as an apolitical and nondenominational organization, focused exclusively on the entirety of the Jewish world, and we will not sanction incivility.
  4. We are committed to collaborating only with those who accept the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish and democratic state with secure and recognized borders, and will not engage with those whose intent is to delegitimize, demonize or apply a double standard to Israel.
  5. We are committed to ensuring that our involvement with any organization is recognized only as an endorsement of its shared commitment to our mission, not any other part of its philanthropic, denominational, political or advocacy agenda.
  6. We are committed to making our offerings accessible in many other languages, not just Hebrew and English.
  7. We are committed to pursuing our agenda in a completely apolitical, nonpartisan, religiously respectful, and otherwise sensitive manner. Global Jewry is an inclusive collective. We are all about that which unites us, not that which divides us, and we intend to keep our messaging and content consistent with those values. That does not mean we may shy away entirely from the serious issues on which there is significant disagreement in our community. It only means any discussion of those issues within Global Jewry will be conducted openly, honestly, respectfully, and with good intentions demonstrated by all involved.
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