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Over the course of the next few months, we will be working to improve our website in a variety of ways. Our plan is to create 5 broad categories (Arts & Culture, Beliefs & Practices, Education, News & Events and Jewish Communities) with sub-categories such as Jewish history, Jewish culture, Jewish literature, Jewish texts and more. In most cases, each of these sub-categories will provide direct links to those organizational partners already leading the way in their respective fields. Our intent is to provide a portal to as much existing content as possible and, in so doing, encouraging visitors to our site to make connections and continue their Jewish journeys in ways that strengthen the bonds that unite all of us.

Here are some of the additional features we are looking forward to launching:

Arts & Culture


The Jewish people have a long and fascinating culture, one that has been well-documented in print, in video and in the arts. There are many sources of great information if you know where to look, and we are working on providing links to a wide range of existing websites so you can find what you want to learn whether you are new to the subject or a university professor.


While there are many Jewish institutions and organizations all over the world doing great work, there is room for improvement in the way they communicate, cooperate and collaborate. Since the entire Jewish ecosystem will benefit from less duplication and a more efficient use of resources, Global Jewry is exploring ways to facilitate greater interaction. We are also looking for ways to serve as link to existing repositories of shared resources, ensuring easy access to documents, data and knowledge. This will promote efficiency, enhance information retrieval and foster a more collaborative environment.

Beliefs & Practices


The Jewish philanthropic community is large, active and very generous. Jewish institutions, organizations and individuals received billions of dollars of support every year, and members of the Jewish family are significant donors to secular causes as well. Of course, there is never enough to meet all the existing needs much less to fund new initiatives. We hope to use our website to make giving as easy as possible. We want to help spread the word about all the important causes worthy of support and grow the overall amount of Jewish charitable giving each year.


Another basic tenet of Jewish life is “tikkun okam,” repairing and improving the world. Every single day, members of the Jewish family are serving others, aiding the less fortunate and pursuing social justice for everyone in impressive and important ways. We are excited about the potential of Global Jewry to increase the awareness of those opportunities and to motivate more people to help make the world a better place for everyone. As the great sage Hillel said, “If we are only for ourselves, who are we?”


Caring for our planet has always been a key component of Jewish religion and tradition. Long before the challenges of climate change became apparent, the Jewish people believed in protecting nature and preserving it for future generations. There are many Jewish organizations doing important work on environmental issues, and we are looking forward to helping them raise their profile and recruit volunteers.


The Jewish religion traces its origins back over 3,000 years. Rooted in the covenant between the Almighty and the Israelites, Judaism is characterized by a complex tapestry of beliefs, traditions, and practices. Central to Jewish theology is the belief in one transcendent Almighty, adherence to the ethical principles outlined in the Torah (the central religious text), and a deep sense of communal identity and responsibility. From the observance of Shabbat (the Sabbath) to the celebration of holidays like Passover and Yom Kippur, Judaism encompasses a diverse array of rituals and customs that have evolved over millennia while remaining deeply rooted in ancient tradition. We look forward to our website helping you explore Judaism in all of its magnificence.



The Jews are known as the “People of the Book” for a reason, and any website focused on the bonds that connect all members of the Jewish family must include a section allowing its visitors to explore the richness of texts and literature. Fortunately, there has been a tremendous amount of work done over the past several years digitizing and otherwise making Jewish texts and literature accessible online and we will be linking to those sites in the near future.


Jewish history is a rich and resilient saga that spans thousands of years. It is a narrative of invention, adaptation, survival, and an enduring commitment to community. Despite great challenges including adversity in ancient times, persistent antisemitism and the Holocaust, Jewish history is also marked by moments of triumph, intellectual achievements, and a tenacious preservation of identity. Our story continues to evolve, and you will be able to explore it all through links to a variety of websites that tell it very well.


Formal Jewish education encompasses structured and systematic learning experiences designed to impart knowledge of Jewish history, culture, language, and religious traditions. Rooted in centuries-old traditions of study and scholarship, formal Jewish education typically includes the study of sacred texts such as the Torah, Talmud, and other rabbinic literature, as well as instruction in Hebrew language and Jewish rituals and observances. Whether in synagogue-based religious schools, day schools, or yeshivas, formal Jewish education aims to transmit Jewish values and teachings to future generations, fostering a deep understanding of Jewish identity and heritage. Through rigorous study and guided exploration, formal Jewish education seeks to empower individuals to engage critically with their faith and participate actively in Jewish communal life. Many formal Jewish educational institutions have great websites, and we will providing links to them.


Informal Jewish education offers a dynamic and engaging approach to learning about Jewish culture, history, and traditions outside of the classroom. It often takes place in informal settings such as youth groups, summer camps, community centers, and experiential learning programs. Informal Jewish education emphasizes experiential learning, discussion, and hands-on activities to cultivate a deep sense of Jewish identity and connection. Through interactive experiences like group discussions, arts and crafts, outdoor activities, and cultural events, informal Jewish education aims to make learning enjoyable, relevant, and meaningful for participants of all ages. By fostering personal connections to Jewish heritage and values, informal Jewish education plays a vital role in shaping the identity and commitment of individuals within the Jewish community. We have many informal Jewish education organizations as partners, and our website will let you learn about them very easily.

Jewish Communities


The role Israel plays in Jewish life is ever-evolving; any insightful overview of the Jewish homeland involves touching upon her rich history, vibrant culture, and geopolitical significance. Since we believe taking a truly comprehensive approach is the only way to begin to understand the beauty and complexity of Israel, we intend to link our website to a wide variety of institutions and organizations that can help you delve into the diverse and complicated landscape of the Jewish homeland at whatever depth you choose to delve.


American Jewish history is a rich tapestry spanning centuries, marked by waves of immigration, cultural assimilation, and contributions to various aspects of American society. Beginning with the arrival of Sephardic Jews in the colonial era, followed by a significant influx of Ashkenazi Jews in the 19th and early 20th centuries. From contributing to commerce, industry and entertainment to playing prominent roles in politics and social justice movements, the American Jewish community has left an indelible mark on the nation’s history. It also continues to shape the American cultural landscape, and our website will help you learn all about it.


Far too little attention is paid to Jewish communities outside of Israel and the United States, people and places who have contributed mightily the Jewish people for millennia. Many of these places and the members of the Jewish family who live there have important and relevant stories to tell, ones from which we can all learn a great deal. Our website will soon be a place you can visit to learn about and, more importantly, connect with Jewish communities all over the world.

News & Events


We are committed to our website serving as a reliable hub for the latest news and happenings in the Jewish world. We look forward to providing you with all the information, opinions, and commentaries you need to stay current and to help you keep abreast of what others are thinking about the issues that matter most to you.


It is not always easy to find out what is happening in your local Jewish community, much less in other places around the world. Whether you are looking for a Jewish activity or program on your computer, around the corner, or wherever you may be heading for business or pleasure, we want our website to be a source to which you can turn to engage, connect, learn and celebrate with others.


Many people with whom we have spoken about Global Jewry have asked if it can serve as a safe, respectful space for fostering conversations on the most contentious of issues, a platform that will have the potential to bridge gaps, facilitate understanding, and encourage unity through dialogue. To that end, we are exploring ways to develop a forum that: (a) allows individuals from all walks of life and with varying opinions to come together to discuss even the most challenging and divisive issues in a civil manner; (b) builds bridges and fosters empathy among those who may hold opposing views; (c) increases knowledge and understanding of the complex issues they choose to discuss; and (d) encourages people to actively pursue projects and initiatives that address the root causes of the issues they explore so as to effect positive change. We hope we can contribute to mending the fabric of the Jewish world, transcending boundaries, and inspiring unity through respectful dialogue and constructive action.

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